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The Amazing, Incredible, Super-Fantastic Pastor and His Church

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that when pastors get together most of the time there's a lot of needless posturing going on...
by Tony McCollum


When People Leave You

The great preacher, T D Jakes, once said something that I think about often. There are people who can walk away from you.  And hear me when I tell you this!  When people can walk away from you, let them walk. I don’t want y...
by Tony McCollum


Be Careful

I love reading blogs.  It has been a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration for me to read the blogs of other pastors and church planters.  I have to admit, though, that sometimes reading other blogs can get me a l...
by Tony McCollum



When Your Church Fits in Your Car

I've started two churches in my life and both times there were occasions in the beginning when I could put the entire church in my car and take them out to eat...
by Tony McCollum


Rock Stars?

I’m concerned that too many pastors in the church planting scene are trying to look like rock stars. I know that I sound like a stick in the mud and I’m certainly not known as a fashion icon or anything so perhaps I don’...
by Tony McCollum


9 Keys to Lasting in the Ministry

Some time ago, I came across this article about Bob Russell.  He was retiring after 40 years in ministry at the eighth largest church in America. In the article he shared his thoughts about what it takes to go the long haul...
by Tony McCollum