So, you’ve got some mojo to spare and you want to share it with others?

Well, we like your attitude, kid.

That’s what having mojo is all about!

Here’s the Deal…

We love discovering and highlight new authors here at PastorMojo.

In fact, that’s part of our mission.  We want to find new voices that will help encourage and equip pastors that are working hard.

Our mojo standards are pretty high though so your posts for mojo should be mojotastic in a every way.

What Does that Mean?

At PastorMojo, we’re looking for posts that are…

  • Helpful and encouraging to pastors that are working in the trenches.
  • Written in an upbeat and casual tone.
  • Inspiring, challenging, equipping and/or empowering.
  • A little snarky.  (Mean does work and neither does cynical.)  Remember, snarky is good.
  • Original and fresh.  This means you wrote it and that it’s new and not a rehash of something you’re posted elsewhere.

Think You’ve Got the Mojo?

If you’ve got the mojo, write your best mojo post and upload it here.  We’ll take a look and let you know.

Just imagine your mojo helping pastors with their mojo.  Cool, huh?


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