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February 4, 2014

Mouring the Eye-Opening Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Written by: Tony McCollum

The world lost a great actor last Sunday when Philip Seymour Hoffman died from an accidental drug overdose. Something like this is always so tragic and senseless that is prompts a profound feeling of loss.

Even for those of us that never really knew the man, we grieve for him, his pain, and his family.

From the moment the news hit the internet, people have been writing all sorts of tributes to the man and his artistry. They’ve also been commenting on the problems, pains, and tragedies of drug addictions.

Beyond all those well-deserved eulogies and acknowledgements, there is another deeper form of mourning going on. If you look beneath the surface of everything that is being said, you’ll see grieving that goes beyond the loss of this one man.

The truth is that our society thinks that academy award winning actors have reached a level of skill, fame, celebrity, and wealth that should make them happy, and yet, clearly, Hoffman wasn’t happy.  He was, by many accounts, a tortured soul, and this causes great confusion and concern in our world.

If a man like that, with all that talent and recognition, could be unhappy, what does that say about our goals and ambitions as a society?

In other words, if none of those things — which we’ve been taught from birth should satisfy and fix us — actually help us; if they are powerless to help us find peace, love, or happiness, where are we to go? What are we to do?

People are not only mourning the loss of a great actor and a fellow human being, they are mourning the loss of a myth they held dear. They’re staring straight into the eyes of a broken promise, a dearly held lie, and are finding it hard to reconcile their erroneous beliefs with the obvious truth.

As sad as all this is, it’s also an opportunity. It’s an open door to discuss what really is true and what really does work. Now is the time for pastors to lift up the truth and point people to the real hope and real solutions that are only found in God.

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Tony McCollum
I'm the senior pastor of Fusion Church. I've been in the ministry for over 20 years. I'm also the founder of many sites such as, and Most importantly, I like ice cream.



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