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April 25, 2012

3 Things You Must Do When Under Great Pressure

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Written by: Tony McCollum
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I taught a few weeks ago at church about facing tests in life.  I mentioned that one of the biggest tests we can face is the test of pressure.  Sometimes, God just allows some pressure in our lives to prompt changes or grow us up and get us ready for new challenges.  He also allows pressure so that we can see what is really in our hearts.

I know more about this type of testing that I care to admit because I’m going through it right now personally.  I’m not exactly sure why God has chosen this season to allow such pressure on me but it’s there.  I’m currently facing it in just about every area of my life.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing but it’s definitely not a fun thing.

So, what do you do when you face this kind of pressure?

1.  Trust the Lord

Well, I think one of the keys to making it through a pressure-filled season in your life is to extend your faith and trust God like never before.  I’ve been trying my best to do that.  I’ve been stepping out in faith a lot lately.  I’ve been doing things, both large and small, that God’s been asking me to do even though they don’t make a lot of immediate sense.

The name of the game in pressure filled seasons is trust.  Refuse to give in to despair or believe the lies that start to buzz around in your head during times like this.  God has not forgotten you.  God has not abandoned you.

Trust that He’s there even when you can’t sense Him.  Trust that He cares even when the road ahead looks bumpy.  Trust that He has a good plan for you and that all things are working according to the plan even when nothing makes sense to you.

2.  Feast on Promises

Another key that helps me is to be sure that I’m eating what F.B. Meyer calls the “daily food of promise.”  During times of pressure, the promises of God are essential.  My study of the Bible starts to focus more on looking for promises.  I need these spiritual vitamins to help me stand when pressure would keep me down.

Everything I mentioned in the first point about trusting God could and should be backed up in your mind with promises from the Word of God.   These will be like a life preserver that keeps you afloat during the storm.  They’ll also provide a firm foundation when everything else in your life is shaking.

3.  Refuse to Quit

A third thing that seems to help me when faced with pressure is that I determine to just plug away and do what I know to do even if I don’t really know what else to do.  (I hope that makes sense.)

Basically, I decide to be faithful in obedience in anything, no matter how small, while I’m waiting for the big stuff to become clear.  I give it everything I’ve got even while the pressure builds rather than letting the pressure distract me more and more.

The bottom line is that God is trustworthy and we must trust Him no matter what comes our way.

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Tony McCollum
I'm the senior pastor of Fusion Church. I've been in the ministry for over 20 years. I'm also the founder of many sites such as, and Most importantly, I like ice cream.



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